Your Team

Without a doubt, the heart of Northeast Dental Wellness is our team of individuals. 

The majority of us have worked together for more than 25 years.  Our professionalism, compassion and friendliness are second nature.   As healthcare becomes more complex, we actively adapt and evolve.  We are optimistic and energetic – we firmly believe in what we do; every single patient, every single day.

Clinical Team / Dental Hygienists 
Nicky, Carol, Kirsten,
Michelle and Jessica

Clinical Team / Dental Assistants
Melinda, Cheryl and Chris

Patient Care and Business Office
Peggy, Rebecca, Pam,
onnie and Sue

                                                   Welcome to our newest team member Alexis,                                                                                                      pictured below with Madeline and Amy -                                                         team members who made the leap into school and soon will be Dentists


A shout out to three of our business partners.  Our signage, trapeze awnings and bike racks were created by metal-work artist, Frank Stone.  Thank you!  Our photographs were taken by Travis Johansen Photography and the beautiful woven Peruvian textiles we used as backdrops are courtesy of Melanie Ebertz of Art Andes located in the Northrup King Building.   Thank you!  Thank you!