Implant Dentistry

Why Implant Dentistry?           

Patients who have lost some or all their teeth often need a special treatments not generally done by most dental clinics.  NEDW has the expertise to use Dental Implants in accomplishing individualized treatments that help our patients regain good comfort, function and appearance.

You see, dental implants are only a tool among a number at our disposal in getting exceptional results for our patients.  When used, it is perhaps the only treatment that can be successful when more commonly recommended treatments will work poorly.

We take advantage of the fact that even a few implants help maintain bone and don’t decay; each can be as strong as 2 or 3 teeth and actually help support and maintain the other teeth.

We use dental implants more often for the more difficult lower mouth, sometimes to replace one or two missing teeth and sometimes used under a hard to wear denture.  We find creative and cost effective ways to use implants usually without the high cost of an implant for every missing tooth as advertised elsewhere.

The important thing is tailoring a treatment with or without dental implants to your wants and needs.  Only when all the individual variables are discovered and all the treatment modalities considered is the exact treatment chosen that is right for you.

How Implants are placed in-office

Dental implants have become a reliable and long-term treatment contender in tooth replacement.  It is a surgery we do in our office daily so our experience makes the procedure go smoothly with little discomfort and dependable healing for most every patient.

Dental x-rays and exam determine that you have enough and good quality bone.  A thorough health history is reviewed, sometimes necessitating consultation with your Medical Doctor.  The actual treatment consists of three parts:

  • the placement of the dental implant, a small titanium post or fixture that is placed into the jawbone using local anesthetic.
  • after a healing period of 3 to 6 months while the implant and your jaw bone grow together,
  • we can then create the tooth replacement whether a single crown, a fixed bridge or a hybrid bridge, a partial denture or full denture.

Start to finish, we have the capability to help our patient through the process to achieve the beautiful and long lasting result usually exceeding those patients’ expectations.

Over and over, we have seen the life changing effects accomplished through careful planning, skillful work and outstanding support of our experienced team.


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