Our Mission: Lifelong Dental Wellness

Innovation - With creativity, practicality and skill, we focus on delivering high-quality, high-value dentistry for our patients.  Our approach to dental solutions is individualized, innovative, and minimalistic yet seeking the most benefit for lifelong comfort, functionality and esthetics.

Partnership and Mutual Respect - Our patients are asked to co-diagnose and treatment plan with us.  Ethical solutions for simple and complex dental needs are dictated by our commitment to “Lifelong Dental Wellness”.  We strive to correctly diagnosis the problem and offer a solution/s that incorporates improved function at a reasonable cost using time-proven and evidence-based treatment methods.

Diversity - We foster and cultivate an environment where people aspire to work and build long-term careers by respecting and including the unique differences of every individual which encompasses personal attributes, values and clinical roles.

Stewardship - We operate a modern, clean and efficient facility that adds value to the community.  We encourage individual and clinic participation and leadership in community affairs.

Philanthropy - We have a heritage of giving back individually and as a healthcare clinic to the communities in which we live and work.  Our charitable giving focuses on our area of expertise – dental wellness.

Integrity - We follow through on our commitments and act in an ethical, honest and responsible manner.

Northeast Dental Wellness

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