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Dr. Woojin Kwon, DDSDr. Woojin Kwon, DDS     

Many of our patients have known Dr. Kwon since his graduation from the U of M School of Dentistry in 2002 when he joined Dr. Misner as an Associate.  His innate leadership skills have kept him active within the dental professional community; representing our district in the Minneapolis District Dental Society, as a Board Member of the U of M School of Dentistry Alumni Association, and active with his memberships in our professional organizations.  As a Dental Officer, he served in the Army National Guard for close to a decade.  We know Dr. Kwon for his steady and gentle touch, scientific mind and quick smile.

While restoring implants since 2002, Dr. Kwon now successfully places implants as a routine part of our practice.  This area of surgical expertise sets Dr. Kwon apart from most family dentists and has proven helpful for hundreds of our patients, offering cost effective and in-house solutions for replacing missing teeth.  He is a recognized Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantology. 

Outside the clinic, Dr. Kwon and his wife enjoy the energetic antics of their two children, exploring other cultures through travel and active involvement in the Korean community.


Dr. Ryan Clouse, DDS

Dr. Ryan Clouse, DDS  

Dr. Clouse joined Dr. Kwon and the Northeast Dental Wellness team in 2006 after practicing in Mankato.  He is an alumni of the U of M School of Dentistry and member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry and the Minnesota Dental Association.  Success in private practice has allowed Dr. Clouse to volunteer his expertise and clinical skills through a number of international mission trips as well as local humanitarian events like Give Kids a Smile and Donated Dental Services.  Notably, Dr. Clouse’s continual curiosity and drive to perfect his skills have led to active participation in local study groups, certification in Invisilign orthodontic technology, and coursework at both the prestigious Dawson Academy and Spear Education Group.  These experiences show in Dr. Clouse’s innovation, compassion, his attention to detail and creative problem solving skills.  Our patients directly benefit from his advanced mastery of bite and appearance problems not taught in dental school.

Dr. Clouse, his wife and two children juggle a full personal life, often involving home repair projects or outdoor fun like hiking, biking, boating or skiing.


Dr. Walter Warpeha, Jr., DDS, MSD

Dr. Walter Warpeha, Jr., DDS, MSD                                           

As a Board Certified Prosthodontist, Dr. Warpeha  has specialized in replacing missing teeth and bite disorders.  His long spanning career generated deep relationships with his colleagues, dental labs and organized dentistry; Clinical and Adjunct Professor at the U of M School of Dentistry, Panel Member representing Prosthodontics at the Cleft & Craniofacial Clinics of the U of M and also Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis, Prosthodontic Consultant for the Board of Dentistry and Delta Dental of Minnesota.  His lifetime of contributions to the Specialty of Prosthodontics was nationally recognized with a Distinguished Service Award from the American College of Prosthodontists.  While always active in furthering dentistry within the Northeast and Greater Minneapolis business communities, his heart has always been with the thousands and thousands of complex needs patients treated over the years.

Recently retired, Dr. Warpeha is not taking new patients though continues to connect with us as a prosthodontic consultant.  His minimally invasive dentistry insights seek to find nonvolatile and cost effective solutions not easily found elsewhere; his energy, compassion and humor are infectious.  For the last few years, Dr. Kwon and Dr. Clouse have worked closely with Dr. Warpeha, tapping into his vast experience.   Patients of Northeast Dental Wellness continue to benefit from our increased capability to address multifaceted dental challenges.

It has been an honor to share these last few years with Dr. Warpeha as he eases toward full retirement.  


Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Walter S. Warpeha, Jr., pictured here with Dr. Gary Goldstein