The world is simply a better place when you smile.  This simple gesture can transform you and the world around you.  Research is abundant showing the impact and positive results of a smile.  A smile is attractive, it encourages trust and connection.  A beaming smile shows others that you are a vital and healthful person. A smile is not just white teeth but a feeling of dental well being. A smile is a snapshot of you. A smile has health benefits like lowering heart rate, reducing stress, and boosting immune systems.  Smiling makes you look and feel younger. When a person cannot smile due to their dental situation, an important vehicle for interacting with others is lost. Together, we can help you smile more.

We specialize in smiles.  Your smile.

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          COVID 19 update - as of 10/13/2020


Dear Patients,

We miss you!

There is no debating it... We are open and scheduling ALL appointments!

First off we want to thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time in our history. The Northeast Dental Wellness family has been working on; developing and modifying our procedures to continue providing the individualized care you all deserve while keeping you safe. Our Office has always and will continue to follow or exceed the recommendations for infection control from the CDC and American Dental Association.

During our reopening, we made our best effort to reach out to those of you who have had appointments cancelled and rescheduled. However WE NEED YOUR HELP... If we have not contacted you, please give us a call to get you back in the schedule. Reminder that dental examinations and treatments are an important part of your overall health.

We are available and welcome the chance to see you again!

**Please give us a call to schedule your next dental visit.**



Dr. Woojin Kwon, Dr. Ryan Clouse and the NEDW Family